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Many Homes In The Lake Norman Area Are Money Pits

You moved into what you thought was your dream home and now you're wondering how things went so wrong. Why? The pipes in the ceiling have sprung their 3rd leak, another window falls apart when you open it, the siding on your house is crumbling, dozens of roof shingles blew off in the last storm, and your AC went out on the hottest day of the summer. You had a home inspection and even bought a home warranty, you thought you did everything right. How in the world did you get stuck with this money pit? You may think that the story above sounds like a lot of bull. As crazy as this story may sound, I can show you A LOT of local homes like these which sell every day priced from $300,000 to $3 Million +. Unfortunately, many Buyers have no idea they will be facing repairs of $50,000 or even more in the next 2 to 7 years.

Home inspections & home warranties don’t eliminate costly repairs

I always recommend you get an independent home inspection. However, please understand this: home inspections and home warranties are very, very, limited in scope—we uncover how in our new e-Book Tips To Avoid A Money Pit. Please download a copy for yourself. Home Inspectors state the facts and defects they see. It's not their responsibility to share with you the inferior past performance of specific materials a home is built out of. Home Inspectors will often direct you to consult a General Contractor, and this is where I can help. I am a full-time Realtor, a former Construction Company Owner and I still maintain my NC General Contractor License.

How my experience can benefit you

I've managed millions of dollars in home repairs, and I have seen A LOT of Money Pits. With this experience, I can help you identify a lot of inferior and sometimes, extremely problematic construction materials. Home repairs and home maintenance will always be inevitable. However, some homes are simply going to cost you much, much more to own and maintain than others because of the way they were built. My experience compels me to share a lot of relevant construction facts with you, which I hope will help you avoid purchasing a money pit.

I thank you for considering us to assist you in your journey of finding your next home, that special place where your family and memories will grow for years to come. My wife, Julie, and I would be honored to be your Real Estate Agents and help you find your dream home... Sincerely, Matthew Elliott

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  • We represent your interests exclusively, not the Seller’s
  • Some Agents charge Homebuyers extra fees, we don’t



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 “Matt's contractor expertise was invaluable.” 


“Matt is very well-versed in home construction, and his expertise is a tremendous benefit when you are buying a home.”  


“It was great having Matt with his building background, he was always so honest in letting us know if he saw any issues." 


"Matthew's construction knowledge was a huge advantage"


“Julie and Matthew were, by far, the best real estate professionals we have ever dealt with.”


“We have worked with more Realtors than most people will in a lifetime and we found Matthew & Julie Elliott to be top tier in every way.”  


“Exceeded expectations in every way, we  have bought & sold 5 times.... they  will be all that we use in the future.”


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